Shut-off butterfly valves, double eccentric.

Highduty resilient seat seal

Perfect protection against corrosion

High endurance, no maintenance required

Main Applications:
- Drinking water, cooling water, waste water(also corrosive and with solids contents)
- Corrosive fluids(acids oralkalicsolutions)
- Hot water and otherfluids

Control butterfly valve.

Butterfly valves in trieccetric design

High sensitivity and stick-slip-free valve opening

High range ability for all sizes > 150:1

Full and reduced seats for all valve sizes

Interchangeable seats and discs

Special resilient metal seat design applicable up to 1000°C Maintenance-free stuffing box in compliance with German Regulation TA Luft Fire-safe design

Body material: Carbon steel and stainless steel as standard, other materials on request

Actuator interface: According to ISO 5210 and VDI/VDE 3845 Pneumaticdiaphragm quarter-turn actuatorto 150.000 Nm or manually operated


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