Swing check valves.

Swing check valves of forged steel

With inside shaft

With pressure sealed cover

With welding ends

With flanged ends on request

Wafer duo check valves.

Dual plates

Retainerless design with locking pins

Integral seats

To be inserted between flanges to DIN or ANSI B16-5

Face to face to DIN or API 594

Design to DIN or ANSI B16-34 / API 594 Optional:

Seat with insert

Hardfacing on seats / discs

Non-slam nozzle check valves.

Metal seated design

Ventury design, low pressure drop

Available as long or short type

Extremely short reaction time, smoth quick closing

Minimized waterhammer

Optimum hydraulic characteristics

Low headloss

High grade surface protection

Axial moving disc/ring - spring loaded

No maintenance required

Main Applications:

- Water, chemicals, steam, gas
- Water pumping stations, power stations
- Chemical- and oil industry, gas compressors


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