The MAGWEN testing facilities offer a wide variety of technological-scientific achievements. The test stands are equipped with state of the art equipment. Ongoing research and development is carried out to meet and exceed international specifications.

Functional testing of valves and wetted contained parts

- Body and seat leckage tests
- Evaluation of friction and sealing characteristics

Assesments of valves and actuators

Improving of torque and thrust forces
Evaluating the parameters of control valves and actuators
Development and testing of control equipment

Functional valve test (open and closing) under various operating conditions

Evaluating valve wear with process conditions over a set period of time

Cycle testing of valves to determine design life and reliability.

High verlocity testing, valve ratings

- CV-Values and drag coefficient
- Control characteristics
- Fluid forces and moments
- Cavitations parameters
- Flow-technical optimization

Noise behaviour

- Measurement of sound pressure level and frequencies
- Evaluation of acoustical coefficients for future calculated levels and frequencies

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